Russell Rogers, innovation trailblazer taught us how to thrive in the corporate world by sharing stories, keeping momentum and collaborating

If there is one thing you would advise companies to do while striving for innovation. What would it be?

“If you want to get a project funded, you need to be able to tell a story. It’s also important to explain the successes that you’ve had, so you can share those throughout the organization and keep your story alive.”

Innovation is one long, exciting road. What are the key learnings you would like to share on the innovation trail?

1. Getting buy-in is not enough, you need to keep the momentum going

“Getting ahead is not enough, but staying on the road with the same intensity is also important. The change is only possible when all employees embrace change as core to their core job.”

2. It is less and less about tech, it is about collaboration

3. Connecting the dots using a multi-pronged approach

“You need a multi-pronged approach as the higher tier management may be with you, but you also need to communicate and coordinate your efforts across multiple departments”

There must be various challenges every time you step up to bat. What are the three major challenges you are trying to solve today in the innovative process?

1. Separate real signals from noise

“It is of absolute importance to spent time identifying what’s emergent. Moreover, it is also essential to quickly separate the information we need from the information that is of no use”

2. Dry Powder — Figuring out how to Prioritize and maintain funding for innovation projects

3. Talent management

You have loads of experience with Corporate Innovation. What will be your advice to the people just starting the journey?

“You don’t have to embrace the culture you are trying to change just don’t disrespect it”.

It takes a certain kind of motivation to keep going. What is your passion?

“Pursuing strong results rather than perfection also gets me going.”



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Juana Catalina Rodriguez


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